11 November 2007

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Veterans Day "Jack"

"Jack" is one of my many Best Friends. He took me under his wing many years ago and taught me photography ... my "craft". franklin j VIOLA


I was drafted for missing too many English classes at the Univ. of Houston (surfing).
I had a "B" going into my final but she (college professor) had dropped me for missing too many classes and hadn't told me she was going to report me to the draft board. (unlawful today)

My battalion is just finishing their 3rd tour in Mosul (Iraq).
They are a "Stryker" mechanized infantry unit.
In Vietnam we were an air assault search & destroy unit (30-day missions).
Even though I don't agree with the Bush/Cheney - Iraq war (just like I didn't agree with Johnson's Vietnam war) I, like many of my fellow "Gimlet" vets would love to serve with our battalion in it's current deployment (camaraderie).

The link goes to an article written by one of my oldest close friends.
(I am the "Jack" in the title and the tall one in the middle)
Please think about what Christy has to say.

(used to be Sgt.) Jack Krohn

from L~R:
Freddy Lavizzari, Jack Krohn, Bob Hobler & Jim Brewer
photo taken by: Dave Malpass
QueSon Valley - 30 miles SW of DaNang, Vietnam Sept.1971

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