5 March 2009

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HFD Ring of Honor

Was listening to 93.7fm yesterday morning
when syndicated radio jockeys Walton & Johnson said
"We are no longer proud to be Americans"

So I rang my local Clear Channel general manager
and expressed my disappointment

GM asked if I was disappointed when then candidate's wife
Michelle said she had never before been proud to be an American

Yes, I was very disappointed
In fact, I believe our nation will never be truly 'united'
until folks drop all 'prefixes' in front of "American"

GM asked if I thought he should tell W&J
what they can and cannot say

The Arrow already does, I replied
Clear Channel censors numerous lyrics from classic rock & roll
such as 'faggot' from a Dire Straits' song

"You are just a Liberal who has too much time.
You need a new hobby!"

hmmm ...
Perhaps Eddie Martiny never met anyone
who would not take

"Money for Nothing"


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