11 November 2007

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Pirates Week / Grand Cayman BWI

This morning DiveTech divemaster Lee Garwood and I spotted a Hawksbill turtle lazily roaming the reef. A smile, a nod and we were off!
Lee of course, in his Cayman Island Pirate's Week costume specially worn for the guests staying at Cobalt Coast.
Subject: check.
I set ambient light exposure and fill-flash for subjects.
Lighting: check.
Swim, twist, swim, stop, twist, swim to anticipate path of turtle.
Composition: check.
Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands in 1503 and named them Las Tortugas after the numerous giant sea turtles he sighted in the surrounding seas.
Symbolism: check.
“Luck is what happens when preparation meets Opportunity.”-Seneca

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