Regardless of the assignment: all-night in a heavily guarded casino, hanging out of helicopters or free-diving with wild dolphins; stunning photography starts with one simple thought.

Upon conception it may flourish from a sketch on a cocktail napkin or a boardroom full of creative minds, then blossom into a hugely successful icon (Marlboro Cowboy) or auger-in like an ill-fated marriage (Pepsi & Madonna).

The talent of the photographer is to bring visual ideas to life. The whole process, however, starts with the power of listening. Each assignment is customized to the needs of the individual client. This means the clock starts running long before shutter starts clicking:

  • initial email & phone conversations
  • dates, usage & budgets discussed
  • visual concepts & sketches shared
  • logistics scouted & researched
  • specialized equipment & number of assistants determined
  • dates & cost estimates submitted
  • final approval obtained
  • dates blocked exclusively for client
  • organize & book logistics
  • arrange & prepare for shipment all equipment
  • travel (tires and/or wings) to location
  • coordination of onsite set-up, production & final details
  • shutter click
  • process RAW files for delivery

Producing photography for a client who wishes to sell a product or tell a story on a global scale requires a commitment to preparation and solid planning. Success, can only be achieved through communication and time.

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