Franklin J. Viola Photographer

A four-letter word ending in “k” and synonymous with intercourse?   TALK

Communication is the key to any level of success. Thinking outside the box is the strength of my photography skills: Casinos are electric. Industry is steel. Travel is location. People are stories. Food is decadent. Nature is wondrous. Aerials envy humans. And water in a clear plastic bottle does cost ounce for ounce more than gasoline.

It’s time we had a TALK

My studio is global. My photography is communicable and conceptual. Nourishing and provocative. I produce photography for clients who wish to sell a product or tell a story on a global scale, as fast as a click of a mouse.

Regardless of the assignment: all-night in a heavily guarded casino, hanging out of helicopters or free-diving with wild dolphins; I create stunning photography with an

innovative mind, a creative eye, a love for adventure, technical experience and …
the power of listening.

Thanks for the time to TALK.

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