Our summer together coming to an end,
the boat dropped us off just over a kilometer from the dock.
Descending to 30 feet, masks sealed and ears clearing,
we put the reef on our left shoulder and began the ride back.

Brain corals, tube sponges, sea fans, a small thicket of black coral
(quite rare at this shallow depth),
queen angels, a lionfish and a sea turtle enriched our journey.

Sea conditions were calm, but clarity was marginal. Visibility of 10-15 feet
only occurred because our tanks and u/w scooters were bright yellow.
But our breathing remained calm and steady as our bikes hummed along.

In an hours time we popped up at the dock and checked our remaining air-supply.
My Aspergers buddy had 100 psi just short of half a tank ...
500 psi 'more' than his old man.

LOL, you have come far young Grasshopper.