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25 June 2011

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just a another bump in the road

a few hours before capturing images for this thread,
Todd Gardner and i were flying across Galveston Bay
on the maiden voyage of my SuperCat

Todd on trapeze wire, me on helm, she was a thoroughbred consuming heavy air & sloppy seas with much grace and speed

unfortunately, she was not mine to be ...

like jamming a stick in the front spokes of a bicycle,
my last memory was of her accelerating port bow folding in-half,
catapulting Todd and me airborne 'over the handle bars'

2010 hobie f18 national champion Stephen Cooley said,
"That was the most spectacular pitch-pole I have ever seen!"

a true Boston Whaler, she did not sink,
even with her hull slashed open like a salmon gaffed by a grizzly

i have lost much these last 6 years,
yet love and support of true friends has never wavered

"fiberglass & resin cannot give anyone a hug"

so swam out for a Photo of the Day session
danger close

In Memory of Candy Hanis
29 June 2011
your spirit brought all much happiness and joy


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