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15 August 2011

© Franklin J. Viola 2011  All Rights Reserved.

Spawning Coral - Flower Garden Banks NMS (Texas)

September 3rd, 1999, a few hours after dusk.
I jumped into the black inky water
like any of the thousand night dives I had made.
But this time armed with two custom Ikelite
video housings you personally built .. just for me.

Eight days after the full moon in August,
just like clock work, the corals below exploded.
And with your 'precision wrenches', I captured digital footage
National Geographic used in their Sea Stories television episode,
"The Night Birth"

Not sure I ever told you, that single sale (my first in video)
 paid for both video cameras (still on my credit card)
 I shot that night!

For more than 20 years the custom photo gear you would scowl
over my requests for it to be more than 'off the shelf',
and then machined with professional enthusiasm
helped me capture Nature in her finest moments.

We lost you Saturday night when the fairground stage
came down in Indianapolis ...

You were not our brother. You were not our family.
YOU were our FRIEND.
One we could lean on for Support.
Knowing your compassion would always be Custom.

for Glenn "Fireplug" Goodrich
we miss you


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