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25 September 2009

© Franklin J. Viola 2009  All Rights Reserved.

Post Lagoon Swim Cool Down / Palmyra Atoll

A good friend emailed today,
"So do you really miss being in the good ol' USA? Are you managing to not get too lonely?
 Just curious. How do you occupy your time?"

Early on I tried to read the news ... Mom said it would only raise my BP.
Amazing how the view is always clearer from a distance.

We cried for Jack, protested Lyndon, were shamed by Dick,
laughed at Gerald, misunderstood Jimmy,
were blinded by Ron's theatrics and saw our taxes raised
even after reading George's lips.
We scolded Bill, nearly drowned under the debt of Dick,
er GW ... and are now suspicious of a black man
who tells our Kids to stay in school.

I miss my Children, my dog, my friends
and trapezing off a flying catamaran hull.

But I am in Water
where I feel my Best.

Wish this gawdamn planet would take time for a
Cool Change
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