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28 June 2009

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Manta Ray feeding at surface

July 4th I fly to Honolulu, then four days later jump a
G-1 turboprop 1000 miles due south to Palmyra Atoll.

As Field Station Manager for The Nature Conservancy,
I will be responsible for the operation, maintenance and safety
of all facilities and equipment -
generators to boats, runway to galley, dive gear to fly tackle;
manage five select team members;
and act as liaison to TNC guests and working scientists.

Each assignment is on a 3 month rotation.
Yes, six months holiday per year.

Personal gear is limited to 50 lbs ... shorts and Teva's.
Flights, ships and mail are infrequent.
Satellite phone and email are provided (Skype)
as long as Cooper Island is not inundated by
liquid sunshine ... 175 inches per year.

My last sand prints on this mystique marine wilderness
were as a member of One World Journey's
Palmyra Atoll - Rainforest of the Sea

(header is rare image of me 'working')

Thank you for all the wonderful responses!
Will let you know where 'my' ship docks
upon return to 'civilization' in late November.

"To Infinity and Beyond" - Buzz Lightyear


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