14 January 2009

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Encouraged by the President-Elect's economic initiative,
I am hereby 'putting skin in the game'
by offering my services as a Personal Trainer

High-stress male or female workaholics can now get weekly aerobic and strength conditioning without leaving the office.
For just $2.50/lap (minimum 10 laps : 500 yards)
I will exercise for you!

 Immediately after each workout you will be notified (ph or email) about how invigorated you feel, that you may add a blueberry scone to your double-shot latte, super-size your 1130 calorie Big Mac meal, as well as enjoy performance enhancing endorphins with your partner or spouse.

All without devoting nonessential hours to your busy life, exposing yourself to pore-clogging chlorine,
risk debilitating ear-infection
or ever being publicly seen in a Speedo.

Don't hesitate. Order your laps today!
Even at 6 miles/week (72 laps x 3 days), space in this
innovative exercise program will go fast!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Or is that to 'awaken'?

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