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25 Aug 2009

© Franklin J. Viola and The Nature Conservancy 2009  All Rights Reserved.

West Lagoon / Palmyra Atoll

I apologize for making you scroll across the monitor.
Lots of folks keep asking, "What does Palmyra look like?"
So here's a 300-degree panorama of West Lagoon.

We have land crabs, coconut crabs and hermit crabs,
"boobies" (masked, red-footed & brown),
six TNC staff members, one Fish & Wildlife refuge mgr,
one dog ("Dadu"), two cats ("Dutchy" and "Tiggeroo"),
no stores, no mall, no saloons, no home depot,
unexploded WWII munitions
and presently only nine scientist on station.

for R&S
who keeps my compass leve


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