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2 Aug 2009

© Franklin J. Viola and The Nature Conservancy 2009  All Rights Reserved.

Dive Skins / Palmyra Atoll


Just in case children and domestic pets
were frightened by A. chewbacca,
there is "Action Scuba Barney"!

I have argued for years with diving equipment manufacturers,
"Why is scuba gear only made in Seal-Team/UDT Black
instead of high-visibility 'find-my-butt' colors?"

My 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th scuba buoyancy vests were bright orange.
Just like from where they originated ... a US Navy Pilot's survival vest.

In fact, our future 41st President was wearing one during WWII
when they plucked him out of the ocean.

But will they listen to me who has bobbed the surface
from Fiji to the Red Sea waiting for a boat pick-up?

Probably the Purple Smurf Shoes?

For Michael Fontenot
 and all he endured learning me to Dive.



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