10 June 2008

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Houston We Have Ice!


While the cost of fuel continues to sky-rocket (no pun intended), I wanted to let you boys know ya'll don't need to send a rocket all the way to Mars just to fill your favorite tumbler with refreshing crystallized h2o.

I've had my Ice-O-Matic since the early 80's and will be happy to share ... well, except for any whacky diaper-clad astronauts or out-of-touch engineers who push their spouses beyond gravity.

As for your goal to determine if the so-called "white layer" discovered by your Mars Phoenix Lander will support life, if I don't change the filter every 6 months there definitely will be "life" growing in my ice!

Helen Viola
Houston, TX (40 miles up the road from you boys)

www.violaphoto.com ~ 832.373.8393 ~ photo@violaphoto.com

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